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Eat - Save - Repeat

The BOGO App is a first-of-its-kind Digital Savings Club that helps business owners boost revenues through targeted and systematic Buy One Get One deals.

What makes The BOGO App a valuable tool for my business?

It’s FREE for businesses. That means your restaurant doesn’t pay any listing or advertising fees, nor any commission fees on a per transaction basis.

Using tech to boost revenue

In 2019, it’s pretty likely that your business is already using some type of technology to boost revenues.

Whether it’s a delivery app, a pre-order/pick up app or an incentive app… you’re tech-savvy and we want t work with you!

The BOGO App focuses specifically on boosting foot traffic; at a time when there are countless apps sending food out the door (and taking a big chunk of your margins).

Getting more customers IN THE DOOR remains a top priority for restaurant owners

Why pay a 3rd party platform when you can hook up the customer directly instead?

Without paying a penny to us, and instead offering a Buy One Get One incentive directly to the consumer, we can help you get more customers in the door and spending money!


Onboarding & Staff Training

Once registered, you are immediately ready to start receiving our customers.

In the first few days of your campaign, we will have one of our Merchant Success agents visit your establishment to ensure you and your wait staff are up-to-date and knowledgeable on how to redeem our BOGO vouchers, and how to get the most of our platform.

The BOGO App is a sales enablement tool first and foremost. So we will work with you to help boost revenues via the platform.

Customize Your BOGO Campaign

Tailor your BOGO account for your unique business.

Choose which incentives to offer.

Choose which days of the week you’d like to receive our customers.

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